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Video Live with the world’s greatest marketing guru

Andréa is part of Luisa’s gang. This dynamic duo makes everything happen. Andréa is everywhere: taking care of the company’s finance, sales, marketing, and tasting Luisa’s inventions, obviously. But what makes her most proud of is to show people the splendor of the Amazon cacao and how it makes the chocolate they produce into something unique.

She has a law degree and after spending eight years working in tax law, she left her job to start working with her sister at the factory. That means she had to roll up her sleeves and make chocolate.

Changing carrers taught Andréa several different skills. She understood the importance of each production step and how essential it is to be open to new professional possibilities – values that she makes sure to share with every person she interacts with, either when visiting the Amazon or on the daily work.

Video Live with the world’s greatest marketing guru

In 2016, when she joined her sister in the company, there was no budget allocated for marketing in the Luisa Abram Chocolates. Truth is that such sum did not even exist. The famous word of mouth marketing had always been our strategy. And lucky for us, our storytelling had been very attractive to the public, who are naturally delighted by stories of the Amazon.

In addition to it, by that time Luisa Abram Chocolates really needed more workforce and a good salesperson. And this is how Andréa became key to the company: in the mornings she would help Luisa with the production and in the afternoons, she would sell chocolate, among other activities.

It was only in 2020 that the company had financial resources to invest in digital marketing, and Andréa finally understood the meaning of the saying: “Advertising is the soul of business”.

Andréa saw with her own eyes the company getting bigger after investing in marketing. Even having just gotten in touch with that field, Andréa quickly learned who is the world’s marketing guru: Seth Godin.

One day she got an e-mail inviting Luisa Abram Chocolates to a video chat with no one else than him, Seth, who we would later find out to be an origin chocolate aficionado. He hand-picked some origin chocolate companies around the world, and, to our delightful surprise, we made to that list. Emotions were high and, by the end of the interview, Seth made Andréa promise him she would increase product prices because, according to him, considering all the work necessary for one bar, it should cost at least US$20.00.

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