Forest Stories

The Abrams Dream

Sometimes I think about the courage of that man who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a caravel searching for the Indies five hundred years ago. But every time I take a bite of an Indian dish, I completely understand the spell flavors are capable of casting on us. Something similar happens with our chocolate. The sensation of a good piece, with new and unknown notes and aromas melting and embracing our taste buds just like velvet is something unusual, unforgettable, and addictive. Life seems much more interesting after this sensorial experience. To go after wild cacao is just like crossing the ocean. Except that our mission will be rewarded by the experience new flavors will provide us.

Luisa Abram is not only the name of the brand. Giving it a face shows our respect to the consumer, as we take to ourselves the responsibility of the product we make. Our goal has always been to take the responsibility to ourselves and ensure consumers had contact with the family. Personhood is something that not only bring us closer to consumers but also bring us closer to our producers and suppliers. And that is a great deal for us, because transparency is an important asset to our business. Here we work with transparency. We guarantee to our consumers high quality products and respect from Luisa and the whole Abram family. And we extend it to all of those involved in our production chain and in the environment where we do our job.

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