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“Life seems much more interesting after this sensorial experience. To go after wild cacao is just like crossing the ocean. Except that this mission will be rewarded by the experience new flavors will provide us.” Luisa Abram

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uma família de sangue marrom

Luisa Abram

Artista Química

Granddaughter of a pastry cook, as a teenager Luisa wanted to be a doctor, but she did not get in the medical school. And, making her grandmother proud, she found herself in the cuisine. That was where she combined her love for chocolate with her chemistry skills.

The day I didn’t get in the medical school



Andréa is everywhere: taking care of the company’s finance, marketing, and tasting Luisa’s inventions, obviously. But what makes her most proud is to show people the splendor of the Amazon cacao and how it makes the chocolate they produce into something unique.

Video Live with the world’s greatest marketing guru


Embaixador do
Cacau Selvagem

Wild cacao took André’s heart because of its untouched genetics. This is one of the reasons why he always tries to travel with Luisa to the Amazon and delights new partners across the world with the fruit magnificence.

Presenting Purus River to the History Channel



Even though the production is large, Miriam tries to keep in touch with the clients and give her final touch to the orders whenever she can, just like she used to do when the orders left her own house.

When she found out she was talking to a great musician.

Family’s Favorites


Our work relies on the partnerships we make with the riverside communities, either through co-operatives or by dealing directly with the families. We have a very close relationship with them. When we visit the Amazon, we stay at their places. We are welcomed with open arms. We eat together, sleep in the beds and hammocks they provide us and live their daily life in the forest.

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This is the approximate number of families who have been positively affected by the cacao harvesting and processing in the communities where we are present.


Foi o aumento na renda da população Ribeirinha que colhe e beneficia o cacau.


This is the number of women who have engaged in the processing of wild cacao in the forest. In a region where the opportunities for women are so small, our presence makes a significant difference.


É o impacto ambiental causado pela cultura do cacau.

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