Forest Stories

Technology in Favor of The Flavor

Since we started, we always tried to get the best machines we could afford. To fully deliver all the flavors and scents of the Amazonian wild cacao we need professional machines. Our wild cacao beans are rare and special, so do our machinery.

With this mindset, in August 2021 we raised capital from friends and family. The funds were large enough for us to order state-of-the-art chocolate machines from Italian manufacturer Packint, the preferred supplier among the best bean to bar chocolate makers in the USA.

Little we knew about of the saga we were about to endure! It is not a easy task for a small company like ours to import machines from abroad! But we are persistent and determined to get the best machines in order to make a high-quality product on par with the best chocolate makers in the globe. In June 2022 the machines arrived, and they are nothing short of incredible! We now have much more control of our chocolate production process and we can enhance and improve the flavor profile of each bar made from different cacao origins.

Only high-performance machines can reveal in our chocolate bars the richness that wild cacao possesses, a clear example of the Amazonian Biodiversity.

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