Forest Stories

Presenting Purus River to the History Channel

Since the first time Abram Family went to the Amazon, André made sure to go with them. Satellite phone, GPS, and water purifier are some of the gadgets he brings along whenever traveling with Luisa into the woods. But none of it has prevented him from slipping and falling on the mud EVERYTIME, no exceptions. But he does not give up. He is always up to some adventure in the Amazon. And for him the more difficult the terrain is, the funnier it gets. André has always a story to tell. Who would have thought that an anti-social guy from the financial market would be so kind and worried about the others and the environment. André has thought about buying a piece of land by the Acará River, in the state of Pará, and living there after retiring, but Miriam did not approve it. She said she would not bear the high temperatures.

Presenting Purus River to the History Channel

Wild cacao took André’s heart because of its untouched genetics kept from mankind in the Amazon Rainforest for centuries. This is one of the reasons why he always tries to travel with Luisa to the Amazon and delights new partners across the world with the fruit magnificence. André was the first one to send e-mails to small shops around the world asking them if they wanted to try wild cacao chocolate produced by his daughter. He sent e-mails to Italy, USA, and Germany. The first response was from a shop called Cocoa Runners located in England. Yes, the first wholesale made by Luisa Abram Chocolates was to that English chocolate club, whose owner was intrigued by the fact that the chocolate was made with cacao that did not grew in farms. Since then, André has not stopped presenting the chocolate to specialists so they can taste and judge it. This is a continuous work, and, in 2021, it made to a History Channel documental series called Exploradores de Oportunidades (Opportunities Explorer). The title of the episode? Food from Heaven. ( One year before that, after making a deal with a large American distributor, André opened the doors of the USA to the Abram Chocolate.

André is an England-trained PhD in Mathematics. He plays a key role in the genetic studies Luisa Abram conducts on every wild cacao origin we get our hands on. Through a formal agreement according to Brazilian Laws, that formally defines the procedures for the exchange of genetic materials, we partnered with researchers from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), an agency from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), for genetic identification of cacao beans via the most advanced DNA mapping methods and machines. Yes, every bean delivered to the factory is sent to genetic identification in the ARS/USDA, where they conduct the DNA mapping of the beans to identify the, possibly new, genetic family to which it belongs, its purity, and other information. André properly collects samples in the forest and send it to trials after having catalogued it.

Besides helping with the finances and using his experience to plan company’s growth and strategies, André also plays another very important role: choosing machinery together with Luisa. Being an engineer and loving inventions, he could not only choose what was best to fulfill company’s needs. In the early days, André created machinery that helped – and still helps – Luisa on her elaborate recipes. With time and advances in the production, bigger and modern machinery was added to the arsenal, but André’s inventions still working to produce the chocolate we love so much.

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